Kim Scanlan
Human Resources Director
507-732-8551 or 800-277-8418, ext. 151
Michael Thorsteinson
Executive Director
Mollie Moyer
Chief Financial Officer
Kindra Papenfus
Nicole Rude
Fiscal Coordinator
Housing Development / Energy Assistance / Weatherization / CoC
Brenda Benson
Energy Assistance Specialist
507-732-8552 or 800-277-8418, ext. 152
Lynette Engelhardt Stott
Energy Programs Coordinator
507-732-8571 or 800-277-8418, ext. 571
Joe Eslait
Emerging Markets Officer
507-732-8573 or 800-277-8418, ext. 573
Chris Flood
Community Development Officer
507-732-8576 or 800-277-8418, ext. 576
Clara Krause
Asset Management and Loan Officer
507-732-8506, or 800-277-8418, ext. 106
David LaLiberty
Weatherization Auditor
Athou Lam
Emerging Markets Officer
507-732-8574 or 507-696-4025
Jennifer Larson
Community Development Director
507-732-8510 or 800-277-8418, ext. 110
Marla Lodermeier
Energy Assistance Certifier
507-732-8523 or 800-277-8418, ext. 123
Jennifer Prins
CoC/Resource Planner
507-732-8577 or 800-277-8418, ext. 177
Susan Strandberg
Community Development Officer
507-732-8557 or 800-277-8418, ext. 157
Head Start
Jamie Gonzalez-Diaz
Bilingual/ERSEA Coordinator
507-732-8556 or 800-277-8418, ext. 156
Diane Hinrichs
Program Assistant/Health and Nutrition
507-732-8550 or 800-277-8418, ext. 150
Jane Payton
Head Start Director
507-732-8502, or 800-277-8418, ext. 102
Dawn Tommerdahl
Parent, Family, Community Engagement Coordinator
Tammy Vraspir
Education Coordinator
507-732-8529 or 800-277-8418, ext. 329
Cherol Benjamin
Development & Training Coordinator
Alexandra O’Donnell
Operations Support Manager
Stephanie Pavelka
IT Coordinator
Joan Pavelka
Maintenance & Dispatch Coordinator
Sunny Prabhakar
Marketing & Recruitment Coordinator
Amy Repinski
Director of Transportation
Family Development
Randi Callahan
Family Advocacy Services Specialist
Katherine Cross
Family Advocacy Services Specialist
Colleen Hansen
Family Advocacy Services Director
Kelli McMullen
Intake Specialist
Larry More
Family Advocacy Services Specialist
Carla Pearson
Senior Program Coordinator
Amy Tudor
Family Advocacy Services Specialist
Support Staff
Cora Dela Rosa
Bilingual Administrative Assistant
Robyn Meixner
Administrative Assistant
Norma Ortiz
Bilingual Administrative Assistant
Tonia Simonson
Administrative Assistant
Donna Stamschror
Support Staff Coordinator