HUD CoC Program Competition

2020 Local CoC Program Competition

No national CoC Program competition was held in 2020. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) requested and received a waiver for the FY2020 Competition and awarded grants noncompetitively to renew existing projects. 

Information about the FY2021 CoC program Competition will be updated here as soon as it is available.  

Previous Year Project Application Materials - For Reference

Note: This section includes CoC Local Competition forms only.  Additional materials are required for the project review and application in the National Comeptition. Please review the Call for Projects and follow instructions in the forms below. Please also review the Renewal Project Documentation Guide in the resource section below.  For projects approved in the Local Competition, additional forms and materials will be required for application in e-snaps.  

Renewal Housing Projects

For additional instructions on the performance documentation for your renewal project, please review the Renewal Project Documentation Guide in the Application Resources section below. For detailed rating criteria, view the 2020 Rating Criteria for Renewals.

Preliminary Performance Review/Intent to Apply - due by 4:00pm on May 11, 2020

To submit via online form:

To submit via Google drive:

Project Application

  • Checklist for Renewal Project Applications TBD


All other Renewal Projects

  • Checklist for Renewal Project Applications TBD


New Projects

  • Notice of Intent to Apply (online form) TBD 

Local competition materials (submitted to Google Drive folder) – Due by 4:00pm on TBD

  • New Project application checklist
  • Threshold Requirements Questionnaire
  • Signed Applicant Assurances
  • Self-scored Project Rating Tool for your project type:
    • Non-DV Permanent Supportive Housing:  Expansion  | Non-expansion
    • Non-DV Rapid Rehousing:  Expansion  | Non-expansion
    • Non-DV Joint Component Transitional Housing-Rapid Rehousing: Non-expansion
    • DV Permanent Supportive Housing:  Expansion  | Non-expansion
    • DV Rapid Rehousing:  Expansion  | Non-expansion
    • DV Joint Component Transitional Housing – Rapid Rehousing: Non-expansion
  • New Project Narratives
  • DV Narrative Supplement (if applicable)
  • Optional: Alternative Performance Measures data request
E-snaps materials (National Competition documents) – submitted in online HUD application system by date TBD

Application Resource Materials

Technical Assistance for Project Applicants

  • Webinars for project applicants – TBD

Resources for New Grantees

Past CoC National Competition applications and awards

2019 Application submitted 9/26/19
2018 Application submitted 9/13/18
2017 Application submitted 9/21/17
2016 Application Submitted 9/13/16
2015 Application Submitted 11/20/15