Energy Assistance

Energy Assistance is a program to help households pay heating and electricity bills. Assistance is available because people with low incomes might have a difficult time paying all of their bills and people must have heat and electricity in the winter in Minnesota.

This help is for people of all ages with varying sources of income. Home owners and renters who meet the income guidelines can get help. You should apply for help before you get a past due bill or run out of fuel. The program will not pay all of your heat or electric costs. You will need to make payments on your monthly bills also.

Application Materials: 

2019-2020 Energy Assistance Application

2019-2020 Solicitud para los programas de energía

*If requested by Energy Assistance Staff:

2019-2020 Verification of Income and Expense Form

2019-2020 Forma de Ingresos y Gastos

Submit your application by:

  1. Dropping it off in one of our offices; or
  2. Emailing it to ; or
  3. Faxing it to (507) 258-5501; or
  4. Mailing it to:

           300 11th Ave NW #110
           Rochester, MN 55901

To check on the status of your submitted application, please call (507) 316-0610.

We can also tell you about other help available and how to save energy.

All information you give us is private.

The Energy Assistance Program (EAP) ensures that households with the lowest incomes and the highest energy costs receive the greatest benefit. EAP services include:

  • A grant to pay a portion of heating and/or electricity costs.
  • Crisis intervention for threat of or no heat situations.
  • Energy Related Repair for home heating system repair or replacement for homeowners. 
  • Referral to Weatherization and other human service providers.

Eligibility Guidelines

Information for the Federal Fiscal Year 2020 assistance coming soon.

The Minnesota Energy Assistance Program uses the past 3 months of household income prior to signing the application and/or last year's federal tax forms for self-employment income for making eligibility determination.

Purpose of Program - Outcome for clients:

To assist income eligible clients with their heating and/or electric costs. Service provided includes: monetary grant paid directly to clients heating and or electric accounts.


Income eligible client who completes application.


Any home owner or renter with a heating and or electric bill, living in Goodhue, Olmsted, Rice, or Wabasha counties.

Time Frame:

2019-2020 application period is October 1, 2019 to June 1, 2020.

For more information:

(507) 316-0610 or 800-277-8418, Ext. 154

Energy Information:

A great source for energy information is the Minnesota Department of Commerce-Energy website.  Some of the topics on the web site include: Clean Energy, Conservation Improvement Programs, Energy Projects and Rates, Efficiency, and Financial Assistance.  The Information Resources page includes tips about how to save energy in your home, frequently asked questions on energy-related topics, and step-by-step guides to help you reduce the energy use in your home.

Funding for this program provided by Federal Low Income Home and Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) Funds.